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WoW Shadowlands the Great Vault System. How it works

December 13 2020

On Wednesday next week, players will be able to claim their first reward from the Great Vault of Oribos – an updated and improved weekly chest of previous expansions – one piece of equipment (and a legendary memory to it). The new vault is slightly more complex than the previous one, but it gives the player more choice and rewards him more for his successes during the week. If you’ve forgotten how it works, here’s a quick reminder.


WoW Shadowlands the Great Vault System. How it works


Great Vault, in addition to Mythic + Dungeons and PvP, now also counts items  from raids.

The Great Vault rewards the player with only 1 item per week, but the more tasks he managed to complete in different content, the more there will be a choice, up to 9 items (and if you don’t like anything from them, you can get some anima).

The offered items are selected from the list of those that are mined in the content related to the completed task, while the higher the difficulty level of the completed content, the higher the quality of the items.

The Vault has 9 requirements, each of which unlocks one item for selection:

  • Complete 1/4/10 Mythic + Dungeons;
  • Defeat 3/7/10 Raid Bosses in Castle Nathria;
  • Earn 1250/2500/6250 Honor in Ranked PvP.



The quality of the award is determined by the level of complexity of the content on which the task was completed:

  • For Mythic + dungeons, this is the level of the used key up to 14. To get one item of maximum quality, you will need to complete only one dungeon of level 14, and to choose from three such things – at least 10;
  • For raids – the difficulty level of bosses, up to the epic one. To obtain an item of Mythic quality, you will need to defeat at least 3 bosses on Mythic difficulty, and to choose from three items – all 10;
  • For PvP, this is the rank achieved. To obtain one item of the maximum level, you will need to accumulate 1250 points, reaching at least “Duelist” this week.


Tasks can be completed at different difficulty levels, in which case the items to choose from will be of different quality. For example, if you defeat 3 bosses on Mythic, 5 bosses on Heroic, and 10 on Normal, you will eventually be able to choose one item from 3 items: 1 Mythic, 1 Heroic, and 1 Normal. With dungeons, everything is a little more complicated: to determine the level, you need to sort the dungeons you have completed in order of decreasing key level (from the largest to the smallest) and those that will be on the 1st, 4th and 10th places will determine the quality of the items. And in PvP, it looks like all three items will have the same level.


Given the currently available difficulty levels, in order to get at least 1 PvE item of maximum quality, this week you need to either complete a Mythic + dungeon level 14 (reward: item level 226), or defeat 3 bosses of Castle Nafriya on heroic difficulty ( reward: item level 213, if you have not defeated the last two bosses in this mode). For 1 PvP item, you need to reach the rank of “Duelist” and gain 1650 honor points in ranked matches (reward: also a level 226 item).

By the way, the Great Vault interface shows you what reward you should expect at the beginning of next week, taking into account your current successes, and how you can improve it. The interface can be viewed not only in Oribos right next to the Vault itself, but also anywhere in the game, for which you need to enter the following command into the chat:


/run LoadAddOn(“Blizzard_WeeklyRewards”); WeeklyRewardsFrame:Show()

Command for chat

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