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World of Warcraft Shadowlands tactics — Artificer Xy’mox

February 22 2021

World of Warcraft Shadowlands tactics —  Artificer Xy’mox

The Castle of Nathria — one of the hardest Raid in the World of Warcraft ever. To defeat all bosses, you should know the right tactics and have good coordination between your DPS, and your tank. If you have troubles with some bosses — please read our World of Warcraft Shadowlands tactics —  Artificer Xy’mox.

Main Tactics

For start, you should keep one Warlock for your Raid Team. The Warlock will place one portal to the center of the fighting room.

For the second, you should know, that sometimes  Artificer Xy’mox will place beams in a room. You should place the Beams in the right places.

Note: If you want, get this tactic in the details, you can watch the next video

For Tanks


Just taunt on Stack Glyph of Destruction. of And run out, when you see it 


For the Damage dealers


One the first phase, all fixated players by the Crystal of Phantasms need to use the portals to avoid the spirits long enough for them to despawn.

For the second phase. Assigned players by the Root of Extinction need to move the seeds away from one side of the room using the portals.

And at the last phase, Xymox will activate a huge magnet. You should run away from the center of the room, and don’t stop the damage for the boss.


For Heals


There are no specific tactics for healers. Just heal the Damage dealers and don’t forget about Tanks!

Good luck. Now you know all about  Artificer Xy’mox, and you can defeat them for easy. Just remember — Portal is the main activity from this boss!

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