Woman’s place in WoW

December 12 2017

Blizzard has a lack of women personages as for heroines or villains. That was the thing players of certain convictions complained of. It has not changed since the classic WoW. Or it has?

We see the same lack of colorful women characters in WoW: Legion. I mean, there is a few, not many. If you were asked, who was the first woman heroine or villain to come to mind in Legion, what would you say? I recollect the battle of Thalyssra vs. Elisande first than Chromie with her scripts. There was Sylvanas also in the quest chain. And that’s it.

Oh, yes, Alleria is back, but it took me some time to recall her.

It is not good or bad. That’s just Blizzard’s way of gaming. Besides, the situation cannot be easily changed. Making a new character a part of the game interesting and memorable needs her storyline to be developed first. Unnamed girls are as dull and faded as unnamed boys. To develop the character from scratch, making her cool and even mysterious is a hard work. But as we see it with Yrel, that is quite possible.

What to expect?

We hope that Jaina’s return to Kultiran addon and Azshara’s probable end will improve the situation somehow. And also, the Windrunners sisters are expected to be upgraded to the highest level in the next addition. These three have great potential both in conflicts and cooperation.

Besides, watching over how Sylvanas and Jaina sharing power, is funny.

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