What makes you return to Wow?

January 12 2018


Many players are subscribed temporarily. A patch was released, they were playing for a month and forget about the game until the next content update.

I think that it was the reason why Blizzard refused of traditional reports on a number of subscribers in the game. It isn’t encouraging to present the reports in which there is a failure in the number of subscribers simply because the time of the report falls on the gap between patches or addons.

People continue to play in WoW, though. It remains an icon of MMORPG despite the various opinions and inner problems of the game itself.

What is making you keep playing? Why are you returning in Azeroth?

  • Because there is a new patch?
  • Because there is a new raid or new chamber of LFR was opened?
  • Because you miss Azeroth, guild, virtual friends?

Maybe you were kept by the habit of whipping out old raids. Are you hoping to knock out Ash of Alar, The blade of Azzinoth or something else?

What is your magnet in the world of WoW?


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