Updated interface of guilds and communities

August 06 2018

For more than six years I was a supporter of updating the guild interface. When I heard that Blizzard was going to remake the guild interface, I had hopes for the appearance of opportunities for more convenient management. But what happened in the update 8.0, from the convenience of far: Blizzard made guild management even harder.

At first glance, the new window of guilds and communities looks attractive. Not counting the panel on the left, which lists the communities where you are (this page looks just like the old guild info window). The guild aims, the message of the day and the news are shown.

But the usual interface hides big problems. After the upgrade, there were difficulties with displaying the composition of the guild and management. And what’s wrong?

I’m glad you asked, because I have a list of complaints.

Composition of the guild have a bug

Despite the fact that the composition should be in a separate window, it is still located next to the chat. Theoretically, this is a good idea, allowing to see all at once. But in the guild not everyone can see. Sometimes only members of the guild from the connected world are shown. Sometimes only players from your world. These players can stand directly in front of you, but do not appear in the lineup. Imagine what it costs our raid officers to collect all in the raid.

The composition of the guild next to the chat at the moment is simply useless. A small font size causes problems if you want to write a private message to someone or invite to a group. And often the invitation to the group does not work. Names in the list can not also be sorted alphabetically or otherwise, and this makes it difficult to find people.

Fortunately, the composition has its own window, which is more functional. It contains more familiar data about the location, professions and points of achievement. But it does not work as well: sometimes the characters are not displayed there either. And when displayed, they may not have any information. The window of professions, for example, does not always show all the characters of a particular profession or recipes known to them.

Access settings do not work or are missing

The guild control button opens a familiar rank bar, but there are also errors. When the update was installed on live servers, the access settings were not saved. Some players were dropped in ranks. The settings for accessing the guild bank have changed to an “all or nothing” system. Guild members have access to either the entire bank, or only to the first cell. They can withdraw all the cash from the bank or can not take anything at all, even if the repair is allowed at the expense of the guild. Some of these points have already been fixed, but access settings are still not stored correctly.

The head of the guild can no longer fine-tune individual titles. Many parameters simply disappeared, leaving in the hands of the leader minor options for management. Both information about the guild and guild chat disappeared from the available options, only officers can change this information. Guild members who do not belong to the officers can not send a message of the day or create an event. They can not even edit their note, which is pretty stupid, since most guilds used this place for information about professions. Control over the guild chat, what was at the heart of everything, also disappeared. If you had a title that did not allow you to write to the guild chat room, then it is no longer there.

Are these changes intentionally introduced? Hard to say. The only guild change mentioned in the update description concerns the voice chat. And everything else? Either undocumented changes, or oversight? Blizzard does not comment on these changes, and besides the big topic on the forum, there is nothing.

The heads of the guilds appreciated the possibility of fine-tuning their guilds. The lack of access settings and non-working moments does not help much in guild management.

And what about the communities?

The community interface has a lot in common with guilds, but their open structure brings even more problems. The lack of tools for moderation has made the community a breeding ground for threats. If you lead the community, you realize that it is very difficult to get rid of trolls. You can join the community by a link that works even if you are blocked. Although you can set the lifetime of a link, this will create serious problems for communities that want to be open to everyone.

If you are creating a community with your friends, you need to know one more thing. Obtaining a link can provoke threats against interest communities for women, national and sexual minorities and others, and several of them have already been disbanded. People want to play with their friends or interest groups, but they do not feel safe, and there is still no reaction from Blizzard on this issue. In the case of a guild, if you are kicked out, you immediately lose access to the guild chat and can not return. There is no reference that could bring you back.

Please make guild management easier

  • Here’s what I’d like to see:
  • More titles – believe me, nine is not enough.
  • Window professions, easy to understand.
  • The message of the day of the guild, which hangs on the screen for more than two seconds and can be longer than 300 characters (or even better, the bulletin board for the guild).
  • The ability to edit guild tests to reflect the aspects on which it is currently working.

Return the ability to fine tune the titles.
And I still dream of uniting the guild composition and invitations to events on the calendar.
While the work on the new interface is still going on, I hope that I will see improvements, especially for the communities. The scope for the functionality of guilds and communities is huge. I want to be an optimist, but as I said at the beginning of the article: I’ve been waiting for Blizzard to improve the guild interface for so many years. I need a change. But not like that.


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