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The winners of the art contests and cosplay Blizzcon 2018

November 14 2018

At the end of the first day of Blizzcon 2018 held a “community Night”, which was held costume contests, talent, movies, and artwork.

Now that the winners write the developers (link)

This year’s Community Night renewed our awe for your talents and commitment. We’d like to express huge gratitude for everyone who participated in the various categories—there was truly amazing work on show all around. Join us in extending special congratulations to our winners.

The cosplay field was jam-packed, so let’s stand and salute for: The Egg Sisters for Cosplay, Individually Crafted; Pink Spear Tribe for Cosplay, Group; Aoki for Cosplay, Large Fabrication; Narga for Cosplay, Artisan; and Kelton Ching for Cosplay, Overall, who proved without a shadow of doubt that it is indeed possible to be simultaneously mystified and terrified.

Meanwhile, Michigan’s Have No Fear took the Talent competition with a stirring, epic anthem that kept the crowd on its feet.

Finally, let’s hear it for Rui “Linxz” Zhang for winning the Art contest with The Council of Three Hammers, a stunning depiction of a pivotal moment in the history of the dwarves of Azeroth.

Once more, huge thanks to all of you for making BlizzCon what it is. You’re the reason we do this, and we look forward till the next time we meet!

For Honor and Friendship,

Your friends at Blizzard Entertainment

Let’s see some foto and videos from this great show.

Drawing contest

Creative contests

And let’s see some videos with cosplay









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