The maximum amount of Soul Ash for 1 week of Shadowlands is 810.

November 26 2020


The first week of Shadowlands is in full swing, and players have begun to accumulate the  Soul Ash, which will soon allow them to get their first legendary item in the expansion. However, this will not happen this week, because the maximum amount of valuable currency that can be obtained for completing all the content currently available is 810 units.

In the first week of the expansion, Soul Ash can be obtained as follows in the following quantities:

  • Tower of the Damned Torghast: 610 units (305 units for passing all 3 floors of each of the 2 available quarters)
  • Part of the Torghast quest chain: 200 units. (from the large chain of the tower of the damned, these days only the “Study of Torgast” task is available for passing one floor)

In total, only 810 units are available these days. Soul ash, which is significantly less than the 1250 units required to create a legendary rank 1 item. Next week, players will have enough resource to craft a rank 1 item, but still not have enough for a rank 2 item.

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