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The best Covenant for Fire Mage in Wow Shadowlands

February 11 2021

The best Covenant for Fire Mage in Wow Shadowlands


Meta covenant for Meta spec — is the Guarantee to get the Maximum DPS and much higher RIO. The huge RIO is the best way, which can up your Mythic+ progress for the Current Season. On this page, you’ll get the Full guide of your Fire Mage Wow SL — the best covenant.



For the All types of the PVE Content for Fire Mage — Night Fae will be the best way, how you can maximize your dps, by the next reasons:

  1. You’ll get one more cool down, which can decrease time of your main Spells recovery.
  2. Night Fae cool down will give you the huge burst of AoE DPS.

Night Fae is the best covenant for next type of activities:

  1. Raid: Castle of Nathria in heroic and mythic modes.
  2. Mythic+ in high keys.
  3. Torghast for solo.


In World of Warcraft shadowlands Fire mage can choose only the Night fae, cause this Covenanth decrease cool down time of main spells.

Alternate Ways

Night Fae is not the only one Covenant that can be chosen for the Fire Mage. If you need to get huge DPS for one threat (like in raid progress) you can Choose Venthyr Covenant.

Necrolords Are useless for Fire Mage in shadowlands

You can look for Kyrian covenant, if you got bad utility, and get full of pain with often Death in the Mythic+ keys.

Meta Medium Fire Mage shadowlands

Fire Mage the Best covenant medium


The Meta Covenant’s medium for Fire mage in shadowlands in the Wow SL is Korayn. Korayn will gives you huge burst for first phase of fight, increases your DPS for all threats for 10%

Meta Conduits for Fire Mage shadowlands

Cause the main task of Fire Mage — is the huge DPS for AOE, the best Conduits is looking like:

To get more information about Meta for the Fire Mage in shadowlands — please read our other guides!

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