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Sylvanas Windrunner, Queen of the Banshee

November 23 2017

So here comes one more thing to think about. I feel Blizzard will make up the next addition in ways no one can imagine! Now it’s turn of The Queen of the Banshee Sylvanas Windrunner, the Warchief of the Horde, and the most beautiful of all undead elf maidens. Ask Arthas, he can confirm that.

Blizzard has released a statuette of Sylvanas, it’s rather cheap – such a beauty costs 350$.


That’s not all. Christie Golden, who now works officially for Blizzard, shared some extracts from her new book “Before the Storm”, dedicated to Sylvanas. Considerable attention is also paid to Queen’s faithful companion Natanos, known to be not much talkative undead.

Let me remind you, that the events of the book take place just after the WoW Legion addition ends. And the book’s release date is 15 May 2018.

So, we can be confident, that Sylvanas and – most likely­– her sisters are expected to play a greater role in the new addition.

I repeat again, I feel Blizzard is going to make a mess in the new addon! It is going to be cooler than any of those blockbusters.

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