Shadowlands 1 Season has begun.What activities have become available?

December 09 2020

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One of the busiest weeks since the release of Shadowlands has begun: the game has launched season 1 of the expansion. In addition to exploring a lot of seasonal content with Mythic + Dungeons, Ranked PvP and Raids this week, players will also be able to visit new floors and new quarters of Torgast, unlock new levels of fame, and earn some cosmetic rewards.


Shadowlands 1 Season – which content added?


1. Castle Nathria Raid became available.

The raid Castle Nathria in Revendreth has become available  on Normal and Heroic levels of difficulty, in which players can receive equipment of levels 200-207 / 213-220. Mythic Mode and the first quarter of the LFR open in a week on December 16.

2. Mythic+ Dungeons opened.

This week in Mythic + dungeons, there is a loot cap system, so the quality of items from the final chest at the end of the dungeon will be capped at level 203, which corresponds to level 10 of the key. However, the reward from the next Great Vault is not limited, so for an item of maximum level 226 next week, these days you need to complete at least level 14 dungeon. Please note that all Mythic Keys have been reset, so progress will have to start from the beginning.

3. World bosses became available.

World bosses began to appear in the locations of the Shadowlands. There are 4 bosses in total, but only one is available every week. The boss has a chance to obtain a level 207 gear item.We have big article about World bosses, check it for more information.

4. New  layers (4,5 and 6)  are now available in the Torghast Tower.

The maximum number of floors in a quarter has been increased from 3 to 6. As the number of floors has increased, now 485 units can be removed from each Torgast quarter. Soul ash or 970 units. for both.








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