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Retribution Paladin Covenant Guide for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands

February 25 2021

Retribution Paladin Covenant Guide for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Paladin is still one of the most popular choices for the main character in the World of Warcraft: shadowlands. But not many people know which Covenant for paladin is better. Don’t do the mistake, increase your Damage to the maximum, and read our Retribution Paladin Covenant Guide for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Which Covenant and Medium is the best for Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladin is the most universal class for raiding and closing the Mythic+ keys as for Covenant choice.

Like for Mythic+ good way to choose between Pelagos as Kyrian and Theotar as Venthyr

And for raiding, you can choose between Pelagos as Kyrian and Korayn as Night Fae

As we see. There’s only one universal Covenant, which can increase your DPS as good for raiding as for Mythic+. This is Pelagos from the Kyrian. 

Note: This Covenant choice is actually in reality for the 9.0.2 patch. For the 9.0.5 patch Blizzard promised to us that they fully rebalanced the Covenant system.

Conduits and medium overview

Because Pelagos from Kyrian is so good for Raiding, and for Mythic Plus, we will show builds based on kyrian abilities and conduits. 

Retribution paladin the best Covenant

  • Virtuous Command — add to you 8% damage from holy powers!
  • Ringing Clarity — increase the chance to get additional outer damage for the 40% from the Divine toll
  • Light’s Barding — increase your Divine steed duration by more than 40%
  • Let Go of the Past — decrease inner damage to 3% through the battle
  • Focusing Mantra — a good choice for a mythic, cause decrease time of your additional, save from kyrian for 1 sec for each defeated enemy.
  • Divine Call — decreases Divine call cooldown for every time, when you’ll get the inner damage. 
  • Combat Meditation — increase your Mastery for 350 for a huge time of the battle.
  • Cleansed Vestments — useless but give you additional enchant materials


Now you know, which Covenant is the best for the Retribution paladin. Increase your DPS to the maximum, and Defeat all 10 bosses of Nathria in the Mythic mode!

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