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Refunding policy

You place your order, but changed your mind?

No problem, we will refund your money upon your request and will be happy to help you next time.

To consider your request for a refund you need to write a letter to admin@nice-boost.com with an email address, which is specified in the order (application from other addresses will not be considered), specify the order number, the Armory of character and ask for a refund.

Chat operators do not process requests for a refund.

Registration of return usually it takes some time, usually two or three days. There are a few important points, please read below.

We provide several types of return operations.

  1. 100% refund. It is possible for any services if we have not started to process it. Exceptions are raids. When we reserve the spot for you – we refuse least to four other clients (from your token group). A full refund is possible, but not later than in 24 hours before the raid. If you set the date and time of the raid, but you requested a refund in less than 24 hours before the raid, we cannot return the money.
  2. Payment could be returned partially. Exceptions are raids (in the case you paid for full run). It can be negotiated individually for amount of money which would be repaid, depends on the amount of work which has been already done.
  3. Failure to return. Account lockout due to the transfer to a third party / reset received achievements. Transfer account to another person (including us) is breaking of the license agreement.