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Torghast Tower Boost



EU and US realms



1-2 hours


Boost type

Account Sharing / Selfplay



Any 60 lvl character

We will complete the Torghast Tower for you. Tower have 6 big wings. Only 2 wings per week are available to players. Rotation takes place every Wednesday. Each wing is divided into 8 layers, with 6 floors each. All 8 layers are now available. The difficulty increases as the layer level increases. Once you have completed a layer, progress is saved forever, and you can continue run from where you left off without going through the lower layers. If you don't have access to a layer you need to buy all the previous layers. If you have access, you will receive a reward for all lower layers, passing only one maximum layer. 

If you need mount for riding in Maw and some transmog  gear check our  Twisting corridors boost.





Layer Number Soul Ash  Soul Cinders
Layer 1 180 -
Layer 2 140 -
Layer 3 130 -
Layer 4 105 -
Layer 5 90 -
Layer 6 75 -
Layer 7 70 -
Layer 8 60 50
Layer 9 55 40
Layer 10 45 30
Layer 11 40 30
Layer 12 30 30



Description of options

  • One wing. We will complete selected layer(s) on one available wing.
  • Two wings.We will complete selected layer(s) on both available wings.