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Piloted RBG Rating boost



EU and US realms



6-7 days


Boost type

Account sharing



Any 70 lvl character


RGB rating boost can be different and the price is defined for the case you don’t have any rating.

If you have rating, contact us via Skype or chat and we define another price and to buy RBG boost.

RBG is not hard if you play with us.

Do not miss your chance, free spots are limited.

It is fair play. There is no game mechanics abusing. There are no fixed matches. We always stream our rated RBG matches. All you need is to contact our operator and clarify you needs, price and time. In some cases you’d have to pass your account to us, but do not worry, it is completely safety! We don’t need your gold, we need satisfied client.

You need time, skilled teammates and the luck. Sometimes you don’t have this. That is why we give your a chance to get  rating.

Do you doubt or just compare prices?

Ask the operator to get a personal offer and become the coolest player # rightnow.


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