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Lady Jaina Kill



EU and US realms



6-7 days


Boost type

Account sharing



Any 70 lvl character


Don't need all 9/9 bosses from raid?

Ok, we have a great solution for you.

Order this boost with personal loot and try a luck in our raid.

We guarantee that you will kill Lady Jaina Proudmoore  in this raid.

How such it is possible? Ok, let us to prove it:

  • We can offer several raids at  any time.
  • We provide this boost  with personal loot with 20+ players in one raid.
  • No pugs from trade chat, no wipes, no wasting of time.

If you want to play by yourself – you can play with our players.

Just pick up Self-play option and take part in an epic battle.

If you cannot play – we will organize Stream of any our raid.

You can take a part in the raid personally or give your toon to our experienced raiders. It is safe.

We guarantee that nothing would happen with your account. You’ll get what you ordered.


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