Fast Item Level Boost

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How it works

ETA: 1-2 days 

Requirements: level 120

In case you order this service you’ll get well geared toon asap.

You’ve just leveled up, completed quest lines and  ready to siege epic raids?

Well, that’s ok, but you need to have certain ilvl of gear.

We can make it for you.

Do you doubt or just compare prices?

Ask the operator to get a personal offer and become the coolest player # rightnow.

1.Why should I trust you? Wouldn’t you disappear with my money?

No, we are not going to disappear. The reasons are listed below:

  • We are registered entity, which is authorized by PayPal. Our documents are checked and banking account is verified. Your financial transaction is strictly protected by PayPal Buyer Protection. Usually scammers ask for credit card payment or top-up an account. We will never ask that.
  • All data on the site is transferred over an encrypted HTTPS protocol. Your data is firmly protected by SSL-certificate. Our company has been verified by international certification center.
  • We have passed paid certification by biggest gaming portal like,, Many players trust us.
    We can organize stream if you’d like. You can watch completion of your order. No tricks, no fraud, everything is transparent.

2. Ok, I’ll buy it. I would like to order. How can I do it?

Ordering a service is very simple. There are no long boring registration procedures and confirmations:

  • Make your choice;
  • Choose options;
  • Fill out forms;
  • Pay via PayPal.

3. I have never gave an account to another person. How does that work?

We need an access to your account. You have to give us login, password and code of authenticator (in case it is attached).
We never ask for secret answers or something that can give full access to your account;
Keep in mind, that Blizzard tracks any attempt to log in from a new device (or from another place).

You will receive a letter from Blizzard with code. You need to give us this code.
That is quite simple procedure and it won’t take long.
Do not log on after you change the password. If you do, we could not log on with new password. You will have to repeat this procedure again. If you need to do it for some reason, inform us about that.
If you have the authenticator, you have to pass us the code or press “Yes” before the service  begins. Make sure you have deactivated the requirement to enter the code each time you log in game.

4. Oops, I paid, but have changed my mind. How can I get my money back?

Do not worry. We will help you next time. In case we have not started yet, we return all your money. To get your money back you should contact our operator.
In case we have started, for instance, already boosting your arena rating or leveled up several levels, your money will be return partially. It depends on what was already done.

Try us, because...

  • A lot of epic items
  • We Can Start Boost Now
  • Selfplay possible
  • Private Stream
  • Trusted service
  • Moneyback guaranteed

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