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Heroic Loot Run - HFC HC Boost



EU and US realms



6-7 days


Boost type

Account sharing



Any 70 lvl character


Why WoW player wants to buy a spot in raid team? Obviously, he want to get a lot of epic items in one day, instead a few weeks. You don’t want to waste a lot of time for raids to gear up your toon? Ok, let’s buy HFC HC boost and get 10+ guaranteed epic items from one raid. We guarantee that you will receive at least 10 items for your spec without extra paid. If no - we will refund money or pick you in next raid for free. But maybe you dont' want to pay more for epic items? Ok - Buy Mythic Dungeons boost and get 7-8 epic items for very low price.

How such it is possible? Ok, let us to prove it:

  • Our CRM system can reserve a spot in raid in 5 minutes. You will never wait free spot – just check our raid schedule with Operator on site before making a payment. We can offer several raids in any time.
  • We provide this boost only with master loot with 25-30 players in one raid. No pugs from trade chat, no wipes, no wasting of time.
  • All our players without raid save on week – so, about 6-8 items drops from one boss (78-104 items from raid)
  • We never pick up in one raid two competitors for one item (example: If we reserve spot for Fury Warrior – we never pick up a DK, Retribution Paladin, Hunter, Shaman and Monk on same raid)
  • If you want to play by yourself – you can play without extra paid. Just pick up Self-play option and take part in an epic battle. If you cannot play – we will organize Stream of any our raid.

In case you buy a spot in the raidteam, you get following:

Don’t believe in this? See our Facebook page to get evidence.

Currently Hellfire Citadel  is third (and last) raid of Warlords of Draenor. There are 13 bosses, headed by the Archimonde. This raid is harder than Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry, which was released at the very beginning of WoD. Many raidteams are still struggling through Hellfire Citadell and did not defeat the last boss, Archimonde .

You may order a full raid or just bosses you need. It is up to you.

Contact us via online chat or skype to discuss details.

You can take a part in the raid personally or give your toon to our experienced raiders. It is safe. We guarantee that nothing would happen with your account. You’ll get what you ordered.


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