Calus kill

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  • Any levelling available #rightnow
  • We never use bots
  • We can make all work for you
  • Private stream
Normal mode
Prestige mode

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Normal mode
Prestige mode


How it works

Proof of our work

All we need: 300+ power

During this boost we will last boss of Leviathan raid on normal or prestige mode. 

Self play possible.


  • Random powerful gear
  • Embrace His Name emblem for the first raid run
  • Rare and Legendary engrams

Please, keep in mind what Destiny 2 items have absolutely random drop chance.

If you pick up Selfplay option you’ll need make some things in raid to cooperate with our players.

Save you time and save your money, buy Destimy 2 Calus kill  mode boost.

Do you doubt or just compare prices? Ask the operator to get a personal offer and become the coolest player # rightnow.

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