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3v3 Arena Rating Boost



EU realms only



2-3 days


Boost type

Account Sharing / Selfplay



210+item lvl, PvP gear

Here you can order a 3v3 arena rating boost service. The service can be provided in two modes:


  • Selfplay mode  - you can play with our boosters by yourself. We guarantee a rating of 1800 to any player, no good Arena skill required. Rating over 1800 requires some experience of playing in the arena. Please make sure that you can play at this level before ordering. If not, the Piloted option is your best choice. Also, we have Arena Coaching Service with hourly payments.
  • Piloted mode  - we will play on your account and get needed rating  without your participation. 


Prices are indicated for initial rating 0. If you already have some rating, then the price will be lower. For example - you have 1350 rating and you want 1800. Write to the operator and he will add a personal offer. A rating of up to 1600 does not require you to be a PvP player. But for a rating of 1800 you need  PvP skills and PvP items (trinkets, weapons).


Important notice about the service


In the case of ordering the service with the sharing of the account, there is a possibility of disqualification for 30 days. Please consider this fact when placing your order.