Player defeated World Boss Azurethos at Level 11

October 19 2020

If earlier this might have seemed strange, now it is unlikely to cause any particular surprise to anyone, because after flattening the levels and thanks to their scaling in the now outdated Battle for Azeroth, players can single-handedly defeat the world bosses of this add-on with their little characters. For example, one of them managed to kill Azurethos with a level 11 hero.


 Another player could do the same, but now as a level 50 character, which took him about 10 minutes. However, some people managed to single-handedly defeat this world boss back in Battle for Azeroth with their level 120 characters, since Azuretos itself is not particularly difficult.


 As for solo raid boss battles, things are going pretty well in that aspect too. Although some creatures, such as Murlocs from the Eternal Palace, do not work as they should and did not “flatten”, so they still have level 120, players still manage to single-handedly defeat many of the old villains. In the next cutscene, you can see a level 50 hunter slay Mythic Kil’jaeden from the Tomb of Sargeras unaided.


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