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Overwatch free weekend

February 14 2018

Blizzard is again preparing to arrange a free weekend with Overwatch: this time they will be held from 16 to 21 February. You can download the game on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Users will be able to access almost all the content in the shooter: 26 heroes, 16 cards, several modes, including “Quick game”, “Your game” and “Arcade”. Block only the rating mode – it will not be able to run even when it reaches level 25.

Also, players will fall out lootboxes for each new level, where different shapes, replicas, victorious poses, sprays and animations of the best moments of the match for all the characters lie. As before, all the earned progress will be preserved and will be transferred to the subsequently purchased full version on the same platform.

Overwatch has changed a lot in recent times. A seasonal event with new content and a slightly modified arcade mode “Capturing the Flag” was launched, changes were made to the balance, and at the beginning of the year a “World of Blizzard” map appeared with many references to the past games of the company.


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