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Mythic+ Timewalk dungeons in Legion: Developers’ explanations

October 08 2021

The developers continue to work hard on the Mythic + timewalk mode in the Legion dungeons and published a message in which they answered several questions. In particular, the authors of the game said that azyrite armor and entities will not act in these dungeons, and the “snapping” mechanics will most likely be fixed so that the old dungeons are more similar to modern ones.


Our upcoming PTR build will include tuning adjustments intended to reduce the difficulty of these dungeons by approximately 3 keystone levels. While there’s still work to do, we expect they should now feel closer to their Shadowlands counterparts at a given key level.


To answer some questions above:


  • Azerite gear/essences functioning in these dungeons was a bug. It should be fixed now, but please let us know if you see anything unusual.
  • We’re not looking to drastically change the feel of dungeons or available strategies, but we’re open to changing some things to better match modern player expectations or improve the feel of the dungeon, such as active mitigation mechanics. Snapping fixes could be part of that.
  • If an Infernal beacon is not activated, it will activate automatically when the boss close to it is engaged. The main goal here is flexibility and allowing for bold strategic choices to save time, but a more clear “upside” is something we’ve discussed as a possibility.


Thank you!

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