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License Agreement

By ordering our services, you are directly and knowingly violate the license agreement of a computer game manufacturer. We cannot get the money back in the case of account lockout/banned, or removing/resetting the achievements of the company-manufacturer of computer games. Please keep this in mind before placing your order.

Ordering service means that you have agreed with all statement, listed below. If you doubt, contact us via online chat or Skype.

1. Terms and conditions

1.1. Parties are persons and entities, which are involved in the process: Provider, Client, Players.
1.2. Provider is online store, which provides services for Customer.
1.2. Client is a person interested in services of Provider.
1.3. Services are in-game performed by the Provider and paid by the Client.
1.4. Game is World of Warcraft, World of Tanks. DOTA 2 Massive Multiuser Online Game.
1.5. Player is a person, who is involved into the gaming process;
1.6. Game Account is Client’s World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, DOTA 2 account.
1.8. In-game items are different items, which belong to character: weapon, different type of armor, trinket, etc;
1.9. Character leveling is a process, which targets to increase character parameters. The leveling must be performed by rules of the Game without using any third party developed software. Leveling concerns not only core parameters of the character such as level. It also relates another parameters like arena rating and currencies (for instance, Conquest Points).
1.10. Providers’s site is website, hosted on a domain

2. Warning

Transfer of the account to other persons is strictly forbidden by EULA. Agent is not responsible for actions, which can be undertaken by game developer and operator. Agent guarantees that Account will be used for providing services without using any malicious software. Agent guarantees that he will not use the Account for its own purposes.

3. Ordering payment and services

3.1 The Client has to carefully read the Agreement, terms and conditions of service providing.

3.2 The Client has to choose service via Provider’s website. Placing an order has to be done by completion of forms on a website. These fields include essential information to proceed with regarding required service. If the Client has questions regarding the services, he has to communicate with Provider via online chat or Skype before placing an order.

3.3 The Provider may act upon his own discretion in case the terms that were not discussed with the Client.

3.4 The Client should understand, that the Provider will make a deal this a third party (Player) to complete ordered service.

3.5 The Client makes payment according to the price after specifying all essential details required service. This payment will be distributed among Players, which are involved in service proving. This payment includes Provider’s reward.

3.6 The payment should be made by using any options, which are specified on Provider’s site options.

3.7 The Provider has to complete the necessary actions to fulfill the Agreement in specified terms.

3.8 The Client may ask the Provider to deal with the Player to handle specific in-game item to the Client.

3.8 The Client has to inform the Provider about all necessary information. That concerns log in to game and character information. The Client should understand that this information will be passed by the Provider to the third party (Player). The Client has to follow instructions, especially regarding logging into the Game. The Client must not log in to the Game during service completion without asking the Provider.

3.10 If case the Provider did not complete the Client’s order of the specified time terms, the Client can demand a refund. The Provider can refund the money in his own discretion.

4. Privacy Policy:

4.1. All information provided by the Client to the Provider’s site is used only to fulfill the Client’s order.

4.2. In case the Client would like to change or edit his data, he can do it by entering his profile. The other option is to contact the Provider by using the “Contact Us” page of the site.

5. Refund policy

5.1. All refund requests should be sended only via e-email Refund requests received through other sources are not considered.

6. Claim policy

6.1. All claims  should be sended only via e-email  received through other sources are not considered.

7. Best price guaranteed offer

7.1. To give offer with best price we should get a link to another site with same product. We accepting links only to trusted boosting sites, not for personal topics or player to player platforms.


Refunding procedure

To consider your request for a refund you need to write a letter to from an email address, which is specified in the order (application from other addresses will not be considered), specify the order number, the Armory characters and ask for a refund.

Chat operators do not process requests for a refund.

Registration of return usually it takes some time, usually two or three days. There are a few important points, please read below.

We provide several types of return operations.

  1. 100% refund. It is possible for any services if we have not started to process it. Exceptions are raids. When we reserve the spot for you – we refuse least to four other clients (from your token group). A full refund is possible, but not later than in 24 hours before the raid. If you set the date and time of the raid, but you requested a refund in less than 24 hours before the raid, we cannot return the money.
  2. Payment could be returned partially. Exceptions are raids (in the case you paid for full run). It can be negotiated individually for amount of money which would be repaid, depends on the amount of work which has been already done.
  3. Failure to return. Account lockout due to the transfer to a third party / reset received achievements. Transfer account to another person (including us) is breaking of the license agreement.