Kyrian,Ventyrs, Necrolords, Night Fae – briefly about each covenant

December 04 2020

Little  overview of each of the four covenants, their features and characteristics.


Kyrian Covenant

Home World: Bastion
Role in the Universe:  Angelic Soul Guides, Ferry Souls From the World of the Living to the World of the Dead.
Description:  Organized and purposeful, Kyrie appreciate humility, righteousness, service, and virtue.
Famous souls living in Bastion:  Uther, killed by Prince Arthas while defending the ashes of his father, King Terenas Menethil II.


Native World: Maldraxxus
Role in the Universe: The War Guardians of the Shadowlands, protecting them from external forces.
Description:  Relentless and unwavering, Necrolords are the punishing density of the Shadowlands.
Famous souls living in Maldraxus:  Dreka, the mother of Thrall, killed by the Council of Theen Gul’Dan in the first place after childbirth.

The Night Fae

Home World: Ardenveld
Role in the universe: Guardians of Nature, Keepers of the Cycle of Life and Death.
Description: The Night People represents the cycle of life and death on the Wheel of the Universe – a cycle of death and rebirth inherent in all things.
Famous souls living in Ardenveld:  Kenarius, desecrated by the Nightmare, and purified in the Emerald Nightmare.


Native World: Revendreth
Role in the Universe:  Executioners of Unworthy
Description:  Vampire-Like Ventires Serve the Shadowlands, If it were not for the possibility of purification that Ventirs give them, these souls would fall into the abyss of the Morning, despite the spark of possible redemption.
Famous souls living in Reventreth:  Kel’Thas sunny Wanderer, former lord of the bloody elves, who died on the Terrace of the Masters.

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