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How to upgrade gear for Valor Points from 9.0.5 patch

March 08 2021

How Valor Points system works in WoW Shadowlands


With Update 9.0.5  will be possible to upgrade items from Mythic + dungeons with Valor Points. This system is not the simplest and most obvious, so test participants continue to understand the exact details and the amount of currency required to improve and given when passing a particular level of dungeon difficulty.


Improving items


Each item of Mythic + dungeon equipment within levels 184-220 has a rank. This rank depends on the item’s level and is displayed in its tooltip. Such items also include things from the Great Vault that are within these levels.

  • Rank 1 – item lvl 184;
  • Rank 2 – item lvl 187;
  • Rank 3 – item lvl 190;
  • Rank 4 – item lvl 194;
  • Rank 5 – item lvl 197;
  • Rank 6 – item lvl 200;
  • Rank 7 – item lvl 203;
  • Rank 8 – item lvl 207;
  • Rank 9 – item lvl 210;
  • Rank 10 – item lvl 213;
  • Rank 11 – item lvl 216;
  • Rank 12 – item lvl 220;
  • Rank 13 – item lvl 223;
  • Rank 14 – item lvl 226;

For example, if you get a level 200 item, no matter where – from a chest at the end of a dungeon run or from the Great Vault – then it will have a 6/12 rank.



Players can upgrade items of low ranks without restrictions, but high ones require some success in completing Mythic + dungeons:

Valor Points  is mined in Mythic dungeons and when completing Covenants quests. The maximum number of Valor points a player has is 1500, and each week the character can receive a maximum of 5000 Valor points (this value will increase by 750 each week, starting with the second after the release of Patch 9.0.5 and onwards).

Achievement progress is shared per account.


Item upgrade prices

To increase the quality of an item to the next rank, the player will have to spend a certain amount of Valor, which depends on the type of the item being amplified. Prices are the same for all ranks. At the moment, there are 6 groups of items with different cost of improvement, and the most expensive is enhancing weapons.

  • 250 Valor – shield, off-hand weapon, ring, cloak, bracers, neck;
  • 400 Valor – Trinket, Belt, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots;
  • 475 of Valor – Helmet, Legs, Chest;
  • 500 Valor – One-handed weapon with agility;
  • 750 Valor – One-handed weapon with intellect
  • 1000 Valor – any two-handed weapon.

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