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How to solve the Mistcaller puzzle in Mists of Tirna Scithe

November 30 2020

For one of the bosses of the dungeon Mists of Tirna Scithe insidious developers have prepared a difficult task: in battle with the Mistcaller players need to participate in the game Guessing Game dealing with the differences of seals. Those who first found themselves in the dungeon, understand what can be difficult, so more guessing players have made some visual guides to help less quick comrades. The game is that you need to determine which of the characters above the edestalls is different from the rest, and choose the path to the boss behind him. There are 4 characters in total and each of them has 3 properties:

  1. Shape: leaf or flower
  2. Coloring: painted or transparent
  3. Circle outside: is there or not

Three of the four characters have at least one common property, and the property it is being asked for is a property that none of the others have.

  1. Leaf, painted, with a circle
  2. Flower, transparent, with a circle
  3. Flower, painted, without a circle
  4. Flower, transparent, without a circle

Total: 3 flowers, 2 painted, 2 transparent, 2 with circle, 2 without a circle and 1 leaf. Painted sheet with a circle has a property (leaf), which does not have any of the other symbols, and it is it is the wanted.

Here’s another example:


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