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How to get Vicious War Spider. Elite PvP Mount

December 22 2020

In the 1st PvP season of Shadowlands, in addition to many achievements, ranks, an elite set of armor, weapons, new vehicles will also appear, including a huge spider:

Spider mounts  are still a rarity in World of Warcraft, and the only other spider in the form of the Bloodfang Cocoon  can be purchased from the Mad Merchant in Dalaran for (!!!)  2 million gold.


How to get Vicious War Spider.


To get this terrifying vehicle, you need to reach the rank of “Combatant” in rated PvP (1400+ points), and then, without falling below it, win rated matches on battlefields and arenas, filling the progress bar in the PvP interface. When the scale is filled to 100%, you will receive your spider, only you need to manage to do this for the current season, since the next one will have another reward. Then you can refill it to the same 100%, but already get Vicious Saddles, which can be exchanged for vehicles from previous seasons with merchants in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.


In content of different complexity, the scale fills up at different rates, so you will need a different number of victories, but this process itself is not fast:


  • Arena 2v2 – 240 wins (~ 0.42% per win);
  • Arena 3v3 – 80 wins (1.25% per win);
  • Rated Battleground – 40 wins (2.5% each win).



Alliance version

Horde version

But, what should you do if you are PvE player? Or if you don’t want to play on Arena a lot of hours? Or maybe you don’t have good team on Arena? Just check this page. We are always ready to help.

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