How to gear up in WoW Shadowlands. Quick Guide.

December 07 2020

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We hope you enjoy the new add-on. Let’s talk about how to quickly get big item lvl in Wow Shadowlands


How to gear up in WoW Shadowlands?


In Shadowlands, the process of obtaining equipment is back to basics – various random bonuses have been removed, such as Warforged and Titanforged items, Corruption, etc.


In this guide, we’ll talk about the different ways to get gear in WoW Shadowlands and the level of equipment for different content options.


Item Levels of All Shadowlands Equipment


We will divide all items into two large groups:

 1. Available from the start.  No special game skill or professional team required.

2. Available a little later. Some activities require a good level of play and a strong team of players.


Available from the start


Source Item level When
World Quests 148+ 1st Week
Professions 151-164 1st Week
Normal Dungeons 158 1st Week
PvP gear for honor (1-3) 158-171 1st Week
Reputation  164-200 From Rewarded to Exalted
Heroic Dungeons 171 1st Week
Mythic +0 Dungeons 184 1st Week

Legendaries (rank 1)

190 1250х Soul ash
Legendaries (rank 2) 210 2000х Soul ash


Some advices for first stage:


  • World quests. The easiest way to get gear. We look at the map, choose a task, complete it – we get a reward. Bonus – reputation, gold, anima, etc. Quests are updated every morning. We recommend using the add-on – World Quests List;
  • Professions. Crafting items in the beginning of new  add-ons are very expensive, the price depends on the server and the faction.We do not recommend overpaying for items at the start. You will replace them very soon, and the gold will be spent. An exception is to buy 1-2 items to get the last values ​​for the required item level;
  • Normal and Heroic dungeons. Rewards – gear with Item levels 158 and 171. To access the heroic you need 155 item level. Available through automatic group search;
  • Mythic +0 Dungeons. Not available through automatic group search. You need to gather a group of familiar players or subscribe through the game interface in manual mode. Perhaps at this stage you will face the first difficulties – you will have to manually navigate between the dungeons. Difficulty is very different from Heroic – bosses have a lot of health, they hurt. Get ready for wipes, substitutions and kicks of players and a lot of wasted time. We can save you time and nerves and greatly simplify the passage of the dungeons. Check Mythic +0 Dungeons Boost page;
  • Legendaries. Need a lot of farm. 


Available a little later


Source Item Level
PvP gear for honor (4-5) 177-184 Season 1
LFR Castle Nathria 187-194 16 December
PvP gear for honor (6-7) 190-197 Season 1
Mythic+ Keystone 187-210 9 December
Normal Castle Nathia 200-207 9 December
World Bosses 207 9 December
Героик Castle Nathia 213-220 16 December
Legendaries (Rank 3) 225 3200х Soul ash
Mythic Castle Nathia 226-233 16 December
Legendaries (Rank 4) 235 5150х Soul ash
The Great Vault 200-226 9 December


Some advices for second stage:


  • World Bosses. We have a big article, check it here;
  • Raid. Available in 4 modes. LFR and Normal mode сan be completed fairly quickly by any players. Heroic mode requires well-equipped players, an experienced raid leader, and a lot of time. Mythic mode exclusively for hardcore players;
  • Mythic + Keystone. The advantage over raids is not saving once a week. You can play dungeons as many times as you want and receive a reward at the end of the dungeon. Low keys can be completed by any player. High keys require a professional team;
  • The Great Vault. The ability to get an additional reward for raids or dungeons.






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