How to change the covenant in WoW Shadowlands

December 16 2020

Choosing the right covenant in Shadowlands is exceedingly difficult at once, as there are many conditions and criteria on which this important decision is made. Fortunately, if one day you realize that the choice was wrong or you just disliked the current covenant, you will have the opportunity to change it or even go back to the one that was abandoned some time ago. The latter will take much longer, as it will be necessary to regain the trust of the past by fulfilling certain requirements. In theory, by changing the covenant, you can experience all the content and features of the Shadowlands supplement, but it obviously won’t be an easy task.


How to change the covenant


During your first adventure in the Shadowlands on the way to the maximum level you will meet each covenant and try out their abilities, and in the final, you will be asked to choose which of them will want to stay for a long time. If later you have the feeling that the decision to join the ranks of Kyrian, Necrolords, The Night Fae or Ventyrs was wrong, then you can easily leave them and move on to another. You will be happily accepted into the new covenant and do not have to do anything. However, you can only do this three times until you visit each covenant.


Covenant Messengers



How to return to a previously abandoned covenant


If you want to go back to the covenant, in which you have already visited, you need to revisit one of the messengers in the Enclave.


For the job, the player will need to fill the scale of progress 100%, doing the following things in the necessary location:

  • Victory over dungeon bosses (12%);
  • Collecting treasures (by 8%);
  • Local tasks (8%);
  • Performing daily tasks (6%);
  • Victory over rare elite opponents (by 8%);
  • Victory over rare opponents (6%).


Although you can do what you like best, the best and fastest way to do this task is to pass the dungeons, and the complexity of the dungeon does not play a role. It will be enough to pass 2 dungeons with 4 bosses and perform 1 local task (and if you want to return to the Neclords, you can pass only the dungeon, one of which should be the Theatre of Pain, and not perform a local task) or just go through 3 any dungeons. He will then inform you that it will take some time for the covenant to think about whether to let you go back to them, and he will have to wait for the nearest weekly save reset. After discarding the save from the Covenant Ambassador, you can take the following task, “Restore Trust,” which will require you to do all the same things that were in “Prove Yourself”:


How long time changing covenant will take

Most of the time, it will take one week and a little more time to complete both tasks, each of which takes less than an hour, but you can approach the case wisely and spend just a little more than a day.

  • If you want to change the covenant on a Wednesday afternoon, you will have to wait almost a week (you perform the first task and wait for the second until next Wednesday just under a week);
  • If you want to change the covenant on Tuesday evening, you will need to wait less than a day (you perform the first task and wait less than a day before the nearest reset of saves).

Thus, based on the features of the system and the fact that it depends on the weekly reset of saves, it can be argued that the covenant will be changed once a week (and during this week you will be able to visit the two covenants). The tasks themselves are quite simple, because do not require much work or resources, so the process takes place without noticeable effort. You will only have to pay the time remaining before the nearest save reset.

Maintaining progress


It is important to know that all the progress you have made in changing the covenant remains, so if you ever decide to return, you will be able to continue to develop it from the same stage. For example, if you reach the 20th level of fame in Kyrian, you will pass the 7th chapter of the campaign, go ahead in improving the sanctuary, get two sets of armor and three vehicles, then go to the Ventirs and in a few months decide to go back, then start from the same place and will be able to immediately begin to raise the level of fame to 21, the passage of the 8 chapter of the covenant and the collection of cosmetic awards.However, the progress you have made in one covenant is not transferred to another, so if you join the covenant in which you have not yet done anything, you will have to perform all the tasks from the beginning.

  • Received conductors are attached to the character, so will remain when the covenant changes;
  • Neutral companions for adventure will also be preserved when the covenant changes;
  • Cosmetic awards are stored in the collection of items and you simply can not use them without being in the right covenant.

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