How “Spell Queue” system works in World of Warcraft

October 10 2020

Jeath, the healer of the Echo Guild, shared an interesting video showing how the Spell Queue works. By setting it up incorrectly, you can waste precious seconds and use fewer spells, or, on the contrary, use too many, missing more important abilities.

The Spell Queue is a small “window” inside the GCD (Global Ability Cooldown) that allows you to queue the next spell and automatically cast it without wasting time. This is very useful since humans are not robots and will often waste some time after casting spells. Even if the loss is only 0.1 sec. after every GCD, it will result in you casting two less spells every minute.

Without a spell queue, the gap between abilities is 1.7 seconds, when with a spell queue it is 1.5 seconds. (which is equal to the duration of the GCD)

By the standard, the spell queue has a “window” of 400 ms, which allows you to easily choose which ability you want to use next and easily “queue it up” if your GCD duration is 1.5 seconds. If your spell queue is disabled or set to a small number, then it will be very difficult for you to consistently get into this “window”, which will cause you to waste precious seconds.

But 400ms has its problems too. In the example above, the duration of the GCD is 1.5 seconds (you should have about 0 “speed”), which gives you 1.1 seconds to decide which spell you want to cast next and 0.4 seconds to queue it … But with the increase in “speed” the duration of the GCD is reduced (can be reduced to 0.75 sec.), Which reduces the amount of time in which you must choose your next spell. If your GCD is 0.75 seconds long and your spell queue has a 400ms window, then you only have 0.35 seconds left. for a solution.

You were planning to use one ability by constantly clicking on it during GCD, and suddenly another more important ability projected, but there is a high probability that you will not be able to use it anymore, since the game queued the first spell

For this reason, you should adjust the value of the spell queue window to be long enough to be easily accessed, but not too large to give you time to make decisions. Jeath recommends starting at 200ms and finding a more accurate value for yourself, depending on your server latency and personal preference.

You can customize the spell queue value using the AdvencedInterfaceOptions addon (menu – interface – AdvencedInterfaceOptions – Combat – Allowable delay).

If you don’t want to download the modification, you can use the following commands:
/ dump GetCVar (“SpellQueueWindow”) – to find out the current value
/ console spellqueuewindow 200 – to set the value to 200
You can cancel a queued ability with / cancelqueuedspell (or / cqs). Create macros with this line and an important ability that you want to apply as soon as possible


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