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Hints for Torghast: Protection Warrior

February 16 2021

Hints for Torghast: Protection Warrior


All we know, that is the reality of the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands 1st season, the Protection Warrior isn’t a good way to close all PvE activities. But if you want to go into Torghast, and get much more fun with fewer deaths, you can Watch our Hints for Torghast: Protection warrior.

Here we’ll show you the next things:

  1. Which talents are better for Torghast.
  2. That anima Power is preferred if you can choose.
  3. Some additional Hints for Torghast.

Interested? Let’s go!

Which talents are better


Torghast hints: Protection Warrior

To increase your DPS and utility, you should choose the next talents for the Protection warrior:

  1. Devastator. Increase your passive damage by Autoattacks, and get much more rage for you.
  2. Rumbling Earth — increases the radius of one of your main skills.
  3. Booming Voice — Giving you much more rage from your shouts, and decrease inner damage.
  4. Cracking Thunder — just a must-have.
  5. Indomitable — one more utility skill.
  6. For Tier 6 you can choose every talent, they’re all useless.
  7. Anger management — gives you shortened cooldown of your main saves for 1 sec for each 10 rage.


That Anima Powers are preferred


We know that in the Torghast, required anima forces are dropped randomly. But we recommend you build your anima powers for self-healing. The next stage is to increase your HP by Stamina. And at last, but not for at least we recommend you anima powers which give you +200% for your Execute.

Don’t forget


Torghast is the Dynamic dungeon without a timer, so if you have no dots on you, you always can eat the food, and drink the healing potion.

Also, you can experiment with the Covenants, like Venthyr can give you much more DPS in solo target, which is good for Torghast, but not so efficient for the other types of Content.

At last, but at least, please don’t forget, that it is much better to do Torghast at a party with 2 players.


The best way to close Torghast is getting one DPS, one Heal, and you as Protection Warrior.  This is all our Hints for Torghast: Protection Warrior.


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