Healer vs. Damage Dealer: A few words about responsibility

December 12 2017

Having bumped into the image, I remembered many similar examples in my healer practice. So, an idea for a new post came. As far as I remember, the confrontation between Damage Dealers and Healers has been observed for a very long time. There were some debriefings in TBC during hardcore raiding’s and wipes of those who mess up more – if it were Healer chasing about Damage Dealers, or Damage Dealers escaping from Healer.

As long as the matter with the tank is clear –he does his work and it’s okay – healers mission is to watch him over, to keep his HP and to keep him safe. But the matter with Damage Dealers is quite different.

Damage Dealers often considers themselves to be either invincible or unique. That’s why they ignore positioning and possibilities at all. Stand under a central downpour? Run under the mushroom? Get the game Power Word “barrier”? Or just keep yourself near healers? No, never heard of it and don’t think it is necessary.

On the other hand, healers can be different. Sometimes, you see, there’s a guy giving you heals without even moving. As he uses a few men in the raid, it’s not hard for him to press some keys, being too lazy to make a right AoE heal spell.

So that’s what happens: healer is lazy and messes up, Damagers becomes lazy too and messes up as well having someone killed or the whole raid and group wiped away as a result.

And who’s to blame and what to do?

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