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Gold Farming in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands

February 20 2021

Gold Farming in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Gold is one of the most important currencies in the World of Warcraft. There’re a thousand bots in the game, which try to earn Gold. But for using a bot you can be banned. Also sometimes, people find ways to earn more than 90k gold for an hour. But the Blizzard are faster than us close these ways. So for today, there are not so many ways to earn a lot of gold on your server. Here we present you the best and the easiest way to earn much gold in the World of Warcraft.

Two main and stable Ways to earn Gold in WoW: SL

For today there’s only two stable ways how you can earn a lot of money in a short time. 

  1. Using the power of the Novice Crafter mark.
  2. Farming Oxxeine ore in maldraxxus.

We will show both of the ways in the details.

Novice Crafter mark

This way is good to craft in the Servers with low popularity. It can give you about 5-20 k gold for each day without farming. All you should do is up to your professional skill to the 80, and craft all starts armory sets with Novice Crafter mark.

Usually, this place is empty on the AH, and you can put your price for 500-1000 gold per unit. The main advantage of this way is that people need more than one unit of armor, for each Alternative character. So this is a good passive way to earn a lot of money.

The best profession for this is blacksmith!

Farming oxxeine

This is a good way to farm a lot god for a short time. But it needs some secrets that you should keep if you want to get more gold than others.

At first, you need an alternate character for 50th level with a blacksmith. Warning, you need to go by the plot, not by the Threads of the fate!!!

When you up to your character, you should complete your kyrian campaign, and go to the Maldraxxus. Here you should complete all quests before Among the Chosen.

IMPORTANT: don’t complete the quest Among the Chosen, cause you’ll block your Oxxeine way.

Then you start your Among the Chosen quest, the Chosen house will be empty all the time, but the Oxxeine ore will be available for you. Here we froze our progress for the alternative character, and go for farming

We should farm here, using the special mount, which gives us 280% of move speed. This is Battle ready Taurus. Be careful, and move your route, for getting from the one Battle ready Taurus. To another less than for a minute.

How to Gold Farm in the World of Warcraft: shadowlands

You should farm by this route.

Average Dropping for this is:

  1. 800-1000 Oxxeine ore per hour.
  2. 80-100 Elethium ore.

This gives us about 18-20k from the  Oxxeine ore, and about 13-15k gold from the Elethium ore. So by this way, you’ll earn an average of 30 to 35 k gold for each hour.

The main advantage of this way is that you can do it with no concentrating, and farming until you watch TV, or chatting, or do other activities!

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