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Frost Mage Covenant Guide for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands

February 19 2021

Frost Mage Covenant Guide for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands


From the start of the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands season 1, frost mages are full of pain because they’re not huge DPS. There’s only one way, which can increase frost mage DPS to MM or BM. This is the right Covenant with the right Characteristics. By the way, if you don’t know what characteristic is main for Frost mage, we recommend you to create your build on the 33% of critical damage. This is the only way, which can give you the way to close up to 15 Mythic+ key. But much more important is that Covenant chose for the Frost Mage in WoW SL. Please read our Frost mage Covenant Guide for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands.


Two ways for PVE


Note: In 9.0.5 Blizzard promised to us, that is they will change the Covenant system, to get them more universal. The Guide is written in reality on 9.0.2. So be careful, when you read it.

For current reality there are only 2 ways, which can be chosen for the Frost mage:

  1. Venthyr Covenant. General Draven. Is pretty good for Solo target, which can increase your damage in raids. 
  2. Night Fae Covenant.  Korayn. Much more effective for the Mythic+. Also get you more universal, if you want to change your specialization for the Arcane mage, or Fire mage!

All of the other Mediums and Covenants are fully useless.


The Best Medium


If you want to play only by Frost Mage, your Way is General Draven. By this, you can maximize your DPS in Raids for solo targets. Also, the main ability of Venthyr, which is called Mirrors of torment, are unique cooldowns, which give you an extra burst of DPS, every 2 minutes!

Conduits overview


Frost Mage the Best covenant medium

For this Build, you should choose the next Conduits

This is the only way, which increases your DPS. We recommend you to build your frost mage for Venthyr Covenant with these abilities!

Now you know, which is the best Covenant for the Frost mage in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands!

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