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Battle of Dazar’alor Mythic Armor Boost



Glacial Tidestorm


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Battle of Dazar’Alor Mythic Mode Boost


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Glory of the Dazar’alor Raider


BoD Boost

Battle of Dazar’Alor is Already Here! But It Looks Like You Need Help to Get Over It...

… and we are ready to provide professional services, so that you will receive rewards, epic gear and Glory of the Daza'alor Raider achievement. This is the 2nd raid of the Battle for Azeroth add-on, which has led many players to truly remember what World of Warcraft's PvE really is. Good that we are here just in time to deal with this battle.

The BoD Boost option includes killing all the bosses in the Battle of Dazar’Alor raid on a any level of difficulty. What is also good, the loot you get will 100% belong to you, since we use the principle of personal loot. You should not worry about our experience or your rewards.

After The Battle of Dazar’Alor Boost Is Over, You Will Get…

  • Normal, Heroic or Mythic achievement;
  • These wonderful (and very powerful) rewards, that Blizzard prepared for us;
  •  Unique mount.
  • Normal Mode 385 lvl of gear.
  • Heroic Mode 400+ lvl of gear.
  • Mythic Mode 415+ lvl of gear

Why Choose Us?

  •  We have already deep-studied this raid and are ready to provide the maximum result;
  •  We have been working for many years to increase our progress and skill, so you don’t have to waste time and energy;
  • Our professional players complete raids quickly enough not to keep you waiting for BoD Boost;
  • Finally, you get what you need for a fair price.

Battle of Dazar’Alor Boost — Worth It?

As we have already said, this is the 2nd raid in the new extension, so in fact, players do not have so many ways to choose how to move forward. As a result, you can get very strong items, as well as get very funny items that have special effects. We also love the story and the finale of this raid, but even more love to help you achieve it.

→ Check the time and date of the raid while communicating with our consultants and players.

Now many teams offer BoD Boost help, but only a few are ready to show real results. We play professionally, we know all the details of the gameplay and can help you get rewards. Simply, safe, with guaranteed progress, communicating with you and telling all the necessary information. Yes, definitely 'worth it'!

Something About What You Will Enjoy Here

In addition to the fact that you are guaranteed to get your loot and your account is safe, you can choose any level of raid difficulty, and also transfer the account to us. After Battle of Dazar’Alor Boost is done, you will get the achievement without studying the raid, tactics, boss or something else.