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    Battle for Azeroth will be released August 14

    April 05 2018

    This week the developers held a special press event at the main office of Blizzard, where they shared a lot of new information and announced that the addition of Battle for Azeroth will be released on August 14. Mark this day in your calendar and get ready for the new…

    Hotfixes: April 3


    Developers have published a small list of urgent fixes. Its only significant change is the addition of elite PvP armor to the merchants' assortment. [bluepost] Dungeons and Raids Court of Stars Patrol Captain Gerdo's Streetsweeper ability should now always properly line up with its visual. Player versus Player Characters who…

    Cathedral of Eternal Night 15 level solo


    Player, named Mionee solo managed to finish  the mythic Cathedral of Eternal Night 15 level in time. Mionee managed to perform a new feat: the player solo was able to pass the dungeon Cathedral of Eternal Night 15 level with the Explosive, Stubborn and Fortified modifiers for the required time.…

    “Griffins” Easter eggs on World of Warcraft.


    As it was announced a week earlier, tonight in the new episode of "Griffins" appeared Easter eggs on World of Warcraft. Contrary to the expectations of the audience, not all of the release was devoted to the game, but only one small minute episode in which the characters played the…

    Hotfixes: March 20


    source Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Legion. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be…

    Alpha Battle for Azeroth. New mount Toad lua


    We continue to get acquainted with unusual mounts from Battle for Azeroth. Today, in front of our eyes, a riding toad of impressive size will appear, which can strangle anyone. Similar creatures can be met by players performing Nazmira's tasks, and the model of this comrade is similar to that…

    Battle of Azeroth. Zuldazar location


    Some screenshots from Battle for Azeroth location - Zuldazar. source

    Overwatch. Welcome to season 9


    Overwatch began the 9th season of rating games. Players who will qualify for 10 qualifying matches during this season will receive graffiti and badges at the end of the season, and the top 500 users of the region will be animated graffiti and a special badge. [bluepost] Get ready to…

    New Battleground. Brawl on the Seething Shore


    On February 28, a new battleground "Seething Shore" will be available in the game, which was added in update 7.3.5. First week it will be available in the form of a special scuffle, and then on March 7 will appear in the general list of battgrounds. [bluepost] Azeroth has been…