Blizzard veterans set up new studio “Frost Giant”

October 21 2020

It was revealed tonight that veteran developers and former Blizzard employees have founded a new independent game studio to create an RTS project, “Frost Giant”. It was led by Tim Morten, formerly COO and Lead Producer for StarCraft II, and Tim Campbell, formerly Warcraft III designer. The team itself also included a lot of people who had a hand in creating these games, which means they have significant experience in developing RTS projects.


The creators of Frost Giant love real-time strategy, so they want to go back to their roots and create a great new game in this genre. The studio has already managed to get $ 4.7 million from investors to expand operations, study consumer needs and create a prototype of the gameplay, but the work has just begun, so they will not be able to share some serious news about the upcoming project soon

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