Blizzard sheds light on Ursoc’s fate after Other Worlds: Ardenweald short

October 10 2020

In mid-September, players saw the third short film in the “Other Worlds” series, dedicated to Ardenweald and one of the keepers of the mysterious groves of this place – Sylvar Ala’ron. The Guardians receive souls who come to Ardenweald and place them in magic cradles, where they await their further rebirth in the world of death. One of the important souls that fell into this location was the wild god Ursoc, whom the players had previously killed in the Emerald Nightmare.


Like many others associated with the nature and life of the soul, he ended up in Ardenweald, where he was placed in a cradle. However, after the disruption of the death mechanism, the flows of anima to this location began to dry up, and as a result, Ala’ron had to sacrifice his charges in order to save many others. After watching the short film, the players were puzzled by the question: what will happen to the spirit of Ursoc next, will this famous and important character later be reborn again? After the announcement of Shadowlands, many people began to seriously doubt the seriousness and finality of death in the game, because after it it is quite possible to return or reincarnate in a different image.


In an  interview with Forbes, lead storytelling designer Steve Danuser gave a clear answer: 

“Ursoc is gone forever and will never return. “The Dark Lands should have their own stakes, jokingly agreeing that he was the one to blame for Ursoc’s final death. Everything must be serious.”

Steve Danuser

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