Blizzard plans to close its Versailles office

October 07 2020

Blizzard is planning to close its Versailles, France office for the foreseeable future, according to great gaming industry insider Jason Schreier in a Bloomberg post. This was announced to local staff on Tuesday morning.

At the beginning of 2019, Blizzard’s French office had about 400 employees who were involved in, among other things, marketing, user support, game localization and a number of other tasks for the company in Europe. 134 of them were cut in February 2019 as part of cost cuts. According to anonymous sources, the company initially planned to move the office to London, but due to Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, which slowed down the process, in the end it was decided to simply close it completely.

Additional details will be revealed to employees next week, and it is unclear how many people will be unemployed or how many of them will receive an invitation to be transferred to one of the other offices.

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