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Best covenant for Castle Nathria Mythic Raid

January 12 2021

The race of progress came to an end and more than 20 guilds were able to fully pass the Mythic  Mode of The Castle of Nathria, and quite a large number of trains began their progress or seriously deepened in the raid. Therefore, decided to look at  the popularity of Covenants in this raid and find out what kind of covenant is most commonly found in the winning battles on a particular boss.

The graphs below show how many characters from all four Covenants defeated a landmark boss of Nathria Castle. It is easy to notice that in all cases the dominant position is occupied by the Covenant of the Night Faes, and the rest of the carpet have almost equal numbers, and only to the final bosses of the three slightly break out ahead of the Necrolords.


This is because for most Ranged DPS classes, the Night Faes  is optimal because of the class abilities and skills of mediums, and since the charmers are more common than melee characters, are found in raids, it leaves its noticeable imprint.


Let’s look on each boss



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