Battle for Azeroth – Stromgarde Warfronts

April 04 2018

One of the most important features of the Battle for Azeroth – the fronts, today became available for testing on alpha servers. This is the first show of the regime since its announcement on Blizzcon.

Players start on the north side of the map and fly along it on an airship. The front map looks like this:

After the landing, the players can seize the Alliance posts to extract resources and collect the army. Also, resources are spent on different buildings – a large hall, barracks, a factory, a gunsmith, a workshop, a menagerie, a tower and an altar of storms.

During the battle, the players meet Lady Liadrin, Eitrigg, Trollboy, Marudin, Turalyon and others. In general, the goal of the scenario for the Horde is to defeat Danube Trollboy, but before this can be accomplished, many small goals must be accomplished, such as breaking the gate and capturing key points.

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