Battle for Azeroth: New Voice Chat Incoming

April 04 2018

Blizzard continues to slowly but surely implement’s voice chat in their games. Following the Heroes of the Storm, this feature will appear in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

The principles of this novelty work are very similar to how the voice chat is in the Overwatch. After joining the group, above the window of the normal chat you will see an invitation to a voice chat, which you can accept or cancel. If you accept the invitation, then join the voice chat. And, in fact, everything: now you can communicate in a voice with other members of the group who are also in this chat room. When any member of the group says a portrait of his character with a nick is displayed above the text chat window so you can see the owner of the voice.

Developers slightly updated the interface. On the left, in the window of the normal chat, three new buttons appeared: “Chat channels”, “Mute voice chat”, “Disconnect microphone”. The second and third buttons disable the sound or your microphone, and the first opens the list of chat channels. This window displays both text and voice channels in which you are located. You can individually adjust the volume of each voice chat participant or mute it altogether.


In the settings menu there was a separate section “Voice chat”, in which you can select the playback device and the volume of the sound, adjust the microphone, its sensitivity, and set the way the chat is activated – by a key or by voice.

While the voice chat operates only in groups, but later certainly will work in raids.


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