Battle for Azeroth. New location – Drustvar

February 02 2018

For testing on the Alpha Battle for Azeroth, only 2 locations of the new add-on are now available.

They are

  • Drustvar
  •  Nazmir.

In this material, we will get to know a little more about Drustvar , the zone of Kul-Tiras, in which the players of the

Alliance will swing, and the characters of the Horde will be able to visit it only at the maximum level.

The topic of this location is slightly different from the general plot of the add-on, there are neither ships, nor the conflict of the Alliance with the Horde.

Instead, in Drustvar players can plunge into the atmosphere of scary tales about mysterious estates, gloomy forests, cemeteries, ghosts and curses of evil witches.

Some screenshots (source )


Some video from Drustvar


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