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Battle for Azeroth: Nazmir. Preview of new location

February 02 2018

Now for testing on the Alpha Battle for Azeroth there are only 2 locations of the new add-on, they are Druzvar and Nazmir. In this article we will get acquainted with Nazmir, Zandalar zone, in which the players of the Horde will swing, and the characters of the Alliance will be able to visit only at the maximum level.

Nazmir is a rotten swamp where bloody trolls perform their horrific rituals. They worship the god G’uun, who will become one of the bosses of the local raid – Uldir, and suffer to release him to freedom. Also in the zone is a dark necropolis, above which a bloody moon rises. But here there is a place for amazing things: the most brave adventurers can admire from a long distance giant prehistoric creatures, majestically walking on wet lands.

Some screenshots (source)

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