Battle for Azeroth Mecha-Mogul Mk2

April 04 2018

We continue to get acquainted with interesting vehicles from Battle for Azeroth.

In the new add-on, engineers are trained to create an unusual mechanism – the Mecha-Mogul Mk2, strongly reminiscent of the notorious Mimiron Head.

Scheme on this mount is obtained from the final boss of the dungeon The MOTHERLODE Chief  Hrazdanka.
Shekofair Mk2 – Created by Chief  Hrazdanka Mecha-Mogul Mk2at the moment is the best in the line of goblin flying heads.

Mk2 is a small variation of this mechanism with an emphasis on the transport function instead of mining and protective. It also corrected a slight embarrassment with the security of Mk1.
And he also has an interesting animation / trick.




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