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Battle for Azeroth: Changes in PvP

April 06 2018

As it always happens with the release of a new add-on, in Battle for Azeroth there will be a lot of novelties and changes in various systems in the game. Some of these innovations relate to the PvP aspect. During the Battle for Azeroth Media Day, the developers shared some interesting information about these changes, many of which are a response to the requests of players, and so that you do not miss the news, this post gathers all the information known now:

The levels of honor and prestige will be common to the entire account

In Legion, the new prestige system (or “Honor 3.0”) seriously affected PvP: the game was replenished with a new tree of talents, cosmetic awards and a framework for portraits of characters. However, this system had a big minus – all levels were tied to the character and if, for example, you switched to an alternative character, you could not use bonuses and show off your achievements to other players. The developers took into account user feedback and in Battle for Azeroth will change this system, making the levels of honor and prestige common for all the characters of the account. In addition, the new system will act in the same way as the level system in Overwatch works, – players will be able to pump levels, thereby demonstrating how much they are involved in PvP.

Talents of honor will be tied to the level of the character

Another important change will be the linking talent of honor to the level of the character. Characters will open talents of honor simply in the course of pumping their usual levels, and after reaching the maximum of 120 will receive them all. In this regard, the PvP talent tab will be removed, and they will be moved to the additional sidebar of the tab of ordinary talents. The maximum number of active PvP talents will be reduced from 6 to 4, but the players will have a little more options to select the required ones.

Players can choose whether they want to participate in PvP or not

In Battle for Azeroth, developers will get rid of the split into PvP and PvE servers. Players can choose which mode they want to play, including or disabling PvP using the large “War Mode” button, which can only be used in the main capital of the faction. The system will distribute players of different modes into separate phases: players with PvP enabled will only see players with active PvP, and players with disabled “War Mode” will only be the same. Players who play in the “Mode of War” will receive more rewards, such as experience or Azerit, as compensation for risks and time spent on participating in possible skirmishes. This novelty should positively affect the world PvP, since now only people will participate in it, what they want, and users who want to play for their own pleasure will not be attacked.

Conquest Points will allow you to receive guaranteed items of equipment

To fix another problem, which concerns too much the influence of the will of the case for obtaining PvP equipment, the developers will return the points of conquest, but not as a currency. Each week, players will need to obtain a certain number of conquest points (fill in the scale) to ensure a certain piece of equipment is guaranteed. Each week, players will receive different items of equipment and, having collected a full set of items, will be able to begin to collect a more powerful set of the next level. The developers noted that experienced players will immediately receive serious equipment: if you participate in PvP at the level of the gladiator, then thanks to the new system you will receive items of the current raid level.


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