Battle for Azeroth: Blood Troll Beast Mount

April 16 2018

We continue to get acquainted with the new vehicles from Battle for Azeroth. In today’s review we will see Krogh from Underrot.

Reins of the Krog from the Underrot – Abandoned in the twilight of the Underrotand fed with desecrated mushrooms, the crozs lost almost all their color. And they did not lose their anger. Moreover, these pale creatures truly serve their masters bloody trolls as mounts and guard dogs, participating in rituals of desecration.

This horrible creation is obtained from the Liberated Monster – the final boss of the Dungeon Underrot, or from the Applicant’s Cache for passing this dungeon in Mythic+ mode.

The chances of obtaining a vehicle are still unknown, but it is worth assuming that they are much less than 100%.


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