Artifacts: is it necessary to continue?

January 04 2018

The main speciality of WoD was a Garrison.
In the beginning, it seemed something cool and new, by the end of addon many were nauseated.

The main speciality of the Legion – Artifacts (and  relics).

Blizzard is gradually drawn us to the end of this addon, throwing teasers of the next. How would we see Artifacts next?

The Garrison in Draenor is harmoniously integrated into the game.

In the Legion the same missions are cause such irritation and the desire to do them on 3-10-50 times for gold heapsT on the cooldown and enter the game every half hour.

The system of Artifacts has the main defect – this is an excessive focus on the grind: focus on the force of Artifacts and relics.

It is good if you look it through a prism of plot and for. You should forget that there cannot be two Ashblingers in Azeroth, hundreds and thousands at the same time.

Another minus is a static weapon. It changes external: the variety of skins allows you to experiment, and transmogrification does not sleep too.

People used to hunt weapons in raids, they knew its names and the change of «big dull club» to «Ashkandi» did cause delight.

The system of progress deserves to be left in the game. It is interesting, interactive and diverse. It should not be built on the next addon: it is become boring fast. It is possible to add such speciality in 1 or 2 patches with the replacement of objects of prorolling.

It will be interesting to see how Blizzard will explain the multitude of Artifacts and how it falls in hand of mortals from the point of view of the law.

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