Allied Race and Pandaren Death Knights are blocked when returning Shadowlands

October 10 2020

Another important detail has been revealed related to the return of the pre-order of the Shadowlands add-on. If you decide to return the funds for it, being dissatisfied with the postponement of the date, then you will lose access not only to in-game bonuses, but also to the character who was raised to level 120 using the included free service, but also to death knights from among allied races and pandaren, which are provided only with the presence / pre-order of the add-on.

How Can I Create a Death Knight With Any Race?

  • When can Pandarens choose Death Knights?
  • Can an Allied Race be a Death Knight?

As of the Visions of N’Zoth update, accounts that own or pre-purchase the Shadowlands expansion are eligible to create Allied Race or Pandaren Death Knight characters.
Allied Races are only available if you have completed the required criteria. If you don’t want to unlock it by yourself you can always buy Allied races boost.

I Can’t Race Change to a Pandaren or Allied Race Deathknight

In order to unlock the additional Pandaren and Allied Race Deathknight options you must own or pre-purchase World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands on your Blizzard account.

Players who want to create or race change to an Allied Race Death Knight will need to fulfill the requirements to unlock their desired race in-game before making a character. Requirements to unlock Allied Races can be found by hovering over the desired race icon on the character creation screen, or by visiting the Embassy in Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde.) Pandaren Death Knights have no restrictions and can be created immediately upon pre-purchase of Shadowlands.

If you don’t want to unlock it by yourself you can always buy Allied races boost.

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