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Account security

Some of our services require access to the account. Yeah, everyone read Blizzard’s tips like “We never ask you for the password”. It is clear, that someone is afraid of giving an access to account. But is that really so dangerous? Let us make it clear.

Why hackers steal account? The main reason is to get gold. Bad guy hacks an account, strips all toons, sells all stuff and sends gold to his character. That is all, damage is done. When poor player logs in game, he sees naked character, empty bank and no money on the toon (well, may be just couple of coins). Generally, to recover the account is not a problem. In most of cases Blizzard’s GMs return all gear, gold and valuable items. But nobody wants to be abused, right?  That is why most of us do not want to be in such kind of situation.

Hacked accounts are used for other purposes too. For instance, transferring significant amount of gold from a goldseller to a buyer. Why do they do that? This kind of transactions may attract GM’s attention. Suspicious actions may cause a ban for some days or even permanent ban. That means, that goldseller loose the money that he spent for buying account. That is why using stolen account is cheap solution. Goldseller get it, and use it for transferring the gold. As you can see, main reasons of hackers are gold o temporary control on account for illegal in-game deals.

Obviously, we are not interested to do such kind of things. We need loyal customer, who will return to us in the future. We get the money for a job and we don’t need your gold or anything else. What do you think is gonna happened, If we return account with naked toons and empty bank? Right, this person will never get back.

Well, if you are still worry about security of your account, we can give you some advices.

  • First of all, get the Blizzard security token or install app on your Smartphone or other device. During the logging in you need to enter a code, which token shows. This is quite effective security tool and if you get the app, it is for free.
  • Second advice is that you should install antivirus software to prevent external net attacks. This software will block Trojans. Keyloggers and other malicious software to get information about your account (like e-mail and password).
  • Third advice regards fishing e-mails. Do not answer on fishing letters and do not follow any links. This kind of letter  is easy to recognize. This letter informs you that your account was compromised and you should go to a Blizzard site to fill information about your account. The webpage looks very much like Blizzard official site. Some people are buying this and giving information about their accounts.

Also they ask for secret answers. We never do this.

By the way, experienced gamers advise to use special e-mails as logins. That means, if you create account, do not use your main e-mail. Create new one and use it as login. The reason to do it is that frequently used emails are already known to hackers. They use these e-mails to send fishing letters and even use brute force to break an account. For game account is better to have an e-mail, which is not used for the correspondence or registering internet services and sites.

Do you still hesitate? We understand you, it is quite natural. Change password of the account after you get it back. You may even change en e-mail.